Jetzt Ist Es Soweit!!!! :d

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    • Jetzt Ist Es Soweit!!!! :d

      Lange, lange haben wir gewartet, lange, lange haben wir gehofft,
      lange haben wir nicht mehr daran geglaubt, aber jetzt ist es soweit!!

      CITY OF BRASS ist hier,
      und dazu gibts natürlich die dazupassende Hintergrundgeschichte:

      The City of Brass

      The sands hold many secrets…

      Ancient legends tell of a thief who stumbled upon a magic lamp which held a mighty djinn. The thief struck a bargain with the fearsome genie for wealth and power enough to win the Mordebi throne. Yet when it came time to repay the debt, the newly crowned king broke his pact and betrayed the djinn.

      Enraged, the djinn master, Zull Razkur, unleashed a terrible vengeance, calling forth efreeti from the Plane of Fire to lay waste to the mortal kingdom.

      Hopelessly overpowered, the human armies fell before the relentless fury of the djinn master. As the last vestige of the king’s forces fought to save what remained of their scorched homeland, the Mordebi cried out to the gods to aid them.

      Hearing the mortals’ plea, Valus the Lawgiver looked upon the destruction wrought by the djinn’s army and deemed the rage of Zull unjust. The goddess intervened, banishing the efreeti back to the Plane of Fire and imprisoning Zull Razkur once more within the enchanted lamp.

      His victory stolen, the djinn master’s hatred burned brighter than ever before. He willed his efreeti to build the great city Jhor Razkur--the City of Brass. Here the efreeti would make preparations to one day return to the mortal realm and take revenge upon the descendants of the one who betrayed their master.

      The sands grew still as the ages passed…

      Finally, after two millennia, Zull Razkur saw his chance. Distracted by incursions into the Pantheon of the Ancients, Valus’ hold weakened. The efreeti pierced the planar veil, capturing mortals and enslaving them within the walls of Jhor Razkur. Those few who have escaped tell tales of a city born of fire…and a growing efreeti army that, if left unchecked, could lay waste to all of Telon.